The area between West Bar and the River Don was one of the earliest cradles of Sheffield’s steel industry, thanks to the water power taken from the Kelham Mill Race. By the 18th century, saw makers, scissorsmiths, cutlers and forgers clustered around these streets. Traces of the industrial past can be seen throughout the area –crucible shop chimneys, the remains of four historic cementation furnaces – and its street names. Love Street and the new Love Square are named after tool manufacturers Spear & Love, formed here in 1760 and now called Spear & Jackson. Whilst metal working has moved away the areas other main industry - law and order - is still very much in evidence including the Crown, Magistrates and Family Courts, the main Police Station as well as many law firms large and small and the National Emergency Services Museum.


Detail of graphics by Eleven Design


Stone carving by Mark Hetherington